Absolute Cleaner™ universal ink cleaning solution 1 Liter (1 kg) (For use on Deskjet water base)

Item No: 17303


Technical Specifications

Our Absolute Cleaner™ universal ink cleaning solution can be used for all type
of Deskjet water base ink cartridges
This universal cleaning solution was especially formulated and tested on CISS
(Continuous Ink Systems Solutions). Uninet recommends to flush all ink printers
with Absolute Cleaner™ before installing your CISS
Can be used to clean and remove dried or residual HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark,
Brother, Xerox and most Deskjet water base inks cartridges and systems.

· Universal cleaning solution for Deskjet water base inks
· Specially formulated for CISS (Continuous Ink Systems Solutions)
· Available in 1 Liter or 10 Liter (special order)
· UV protected packaging
· Shelf life up to 3 years
· UniNet Quality Guaranteed