BX Absolute Black® toner, 22 lb (10 kg) bag

Item No: 5517


Technical Specifications

Uninet® R&D team considers that QUALITY, CONSISTENCY & FLEXIBILTY on OPC drum
selection, are the most valuable qualities of Uninet Absolute Black®, Absolute
Color® and other Uninet® toner formulations can offer to the remaunufacturing

Ecographics® toner image density: 1.41
Ecographics® toner yield (pages per 1 gram): 21.74
Ecographics® transfer rate percentage (%): 94.14

Test results were measured under laboratory conditions, at temperatures
oscillating between 22 to 28 degrees Celsius, and humidity below 75%.

Both OEM and Uninet toners were tested using brand new OEM cartridges and parts
on the first use cycle, to get comparable results between both toners.

Note: test results may differ under different weather conditions, when using OEM
cartridges on second or third cycles or if combined with other aftermarket compo